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We created it for you

In a world of complexity, we want to be simple. 

In the holistic world of constant overthinking, criticism and judgment. we want to be relaxed, accepting, open.

In the all-natural niche of family health and wellness that seems overly serious and zen, we want to be fun and honest about expectations.

Not everything is perfect, most of us are just trying to make it through the day the best way we can.  Stop feeling bad about what you can’t do perfectly.  Not all of us can afford to be perfectly organic, perfectly sustainable. 

Let’s stop second guessing ourselves and be proud of ourselves for making small, affordable changes.  For loving our families and ourselves to the best of our abilities. 

There is enough fear based marketing/information out there.  Let’s keep it light where we can. 

Loving and kindness are free, the rest is a bonus.


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Meet the founders

Essential Living was created in 2015 by Carla and Jim Winn when  they moved back to their native Kentucky after living in South America for 5 years.

Living in rural Brazil gave them easy access to clean, raw, fruits and vegetables and single ingredient skin foods – access they lacked when they moved back to the States.  Relying on their professional background in international supply chain management they began sourcing the raw products Essential Living sells today by buying directly from farmers around the world, or through a trusted and vetted distributors in the country. Today Essential Living is devoted exclusively towards products that can make a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle more accessible to the average person. 

Meet The Team

Essential Living started small as a passion project for Carla and Jim.  Today we have grown to a team of seven, and are primarily female operated.

We are based in Central Kentucky, where the majority of our products are bottled, packaged and manufactured by our own employees.  Part of our operating mission is to pay significantly above average wages for our area, to have a positive impact not only on the customers we serve, but also for the local community where our employees live and work. 

Left to Right: Emily - Product Design, Margaret - Customer Service, Carla - Founder
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