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Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Blue Blocker Glasses from Essential Living are designed with lenses that block 97% of the blue light spectrum from reaching your eyes. For those searching for ways to improve their sleep, blue light glasses are a safe way to naturally ensure a better night’s rest.

Designed for everyday use, these glasses are made with highly durable Acetate frames, and come with a hard shell travel case and lens cloth.

Blocking blue light can help to reduce eye fatigue, improving focus while helping to inhibit vision problems like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.


  • TESTED: Lab Tests on Essential Living lenses confirm 95% of blue light is blocked
  • BETTER SLEEP: Blocking Blue Light helps your body clock stay accurate, allowing you to fall asleep much easier
  • DURABLE: Made from highly durable Acetate, your frames can be heat molded for a custom fit by your Optometrist
  • HAPPY EYES: Blue blocker glasses help relax your eyes, making them perfect gamer glasses, blocking tv blue light, tablet blue light and prevent eye strain
  • TRAVEL CASE: A hardshell travel case is included with every pair of Essential Living blue light blocking glasses

Today the average person spends 7.5 hours on average in front of a digital screen of some kind. No surprise – 70% of people experience eye strain in some way. That’s where our blue light blocking glasses from Essential Living come in. For those searching for ways to improve their sleep or reduce digital eye strain, blue light glasses are a safe way to naturally ensure a better night’s rest and care for your eyes. Lab tested to verify that 95% of the melatonin blocking blue light is prevented from reaching your eyes, our shatterproof lenses are also coated to eliminate harmful UVa and UVb rays as well.

Unlike many “blue light glasses” available online, we test and verify that our lenses block the light we say they do – and we share those testing results with you so that you can trust you get what you pay for.

Every lens is tested against ISO specifications to verify their blue light blocking properties. The ISO – The International Standards Organization – defines, on a global basis, the specific processes a product should be tested with and what the acceptable standards are for passing or failing. The specifications our lenses were tested against were the ISO 12312-1 test, which they passed. You can see our testing results below:

Designed for every day use, these glasses are made from highly durable Acetate plastic, and come with a hardshell travel case and lens cloth.




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