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Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets (1lb)


Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets are easy to use in all of your DIY recipes from lip balms to candles. The pellets are small so they melt easily into a smooth, silky wax. It’s cosmetic grade beeswax so you can be assured knowing you’re applying only the best onto your skin. It’s also food grade so it is even safe in any recipes you might concoct in your kitchen too!  Beeswax has always been a favorite use in DIY projects because of it’s antibacterial properties and ability to lock in moisture all day long.

  • INGREDIENTS:  Organic, Pure Yellow Beeswax Pellets
  • CANDLE MAKING:  Melts fast, and perfect for making DIY candles, crayons and more
  • FOOD GRADE:  Safe, clean pellets are perfect for making DIY beeswax food wraps
  • COSMETIC GRADE: For DIY Lip Balms and Lip Gloss

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Beeswax Pellets are great for DIY recipes around the house like making your own furniture polish to remove chemicals from your surfaces. These beeswax pellets are also cosmetic grade so now you can finally try out that soap recipe you saw online! Ditch your plastic wrap and make your own beeswax food wraps with these beeswax pellets and our jojoba oil and pine resin.

Why is beeswax such a critical addition to your cosmetics? It has the ability to lock in moisture, making your skin and hair hydrated all day long. It also has antibacterial properties that are perfect for combating acne in your soaps and lotions. This also prevents bacteria from contaminating your food when you make homemade beeswax food wraps.
The applications are endless:

Perfect for DIY projects

Our beeswax is formed into small pellets for a faster melt time, making it much easier than cutting a large block. Small pellets also make for easier measuring to get the correct amount needed for your recipes. You will have a wide range of recipes you can try without any of the added color that yellow beeswax might add.

Beeswax Moisturizing Lotion Bars

Melt your beeswax, coconut oil, and shea or mango butter in a double boiler on medium heat. Once these are melted stir in your Vitamin E Oil. Remove from heat and mix in your favorite essential oil(s). Pour into silicone molds and let harden. Enjoy

Beeswax Lip Balm

Melt your beeswax pellets, coconut oil, and shea butter in a double boiler on medium heat. Remove from heat and mix in your essential oil(s). Immediately fill your lip balm containers and let harden. Enjoy!
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