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Why is everybody raving about Magnesium Oil? Because of its amazing anti-fatigue benefits for the tired, sore muscles that keep you awake at night.  Discover 10 sleep supporting recipes – and learn how to reclaim your sleep!

Easy DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

Creating your own sugar scrub is easy and cheap! You probably have the ingredients sitting in your pantry right now.

Save Money - and Lotion!

Now that I make my own sugar scrub I absolutely cringe when I see someone purchasing sugar scrub at a store! I want to run up to them and tell them they already have the ingredients at their home. Not only is it easy and cheap to make, it is so moisturizing that you can forget about applying lotion after your shower. You will have silky, smooth skin all day long!

DIY Sugar Scrub Ingredients

DIY Sugar Scrub Instructions

Pour all ingredients into a container with a lid. Shake to combine well. Use all over your body in the shower or bath to exfoliate and moisturize.

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