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DIY All Natural Activated Charcoal Face Mask

A lot of people have seen activated charcoal used as a natural teeth whitener.  What many don’t know is that it can be a great detox for your skin as well!  It takes only a few simple ingredients, and just a few minutes to make. 

Why DIY?

Like many store-bought skin products, face masks are often soaked in toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients that can disrupt hormones and irritate our skin.  In face, many acne-clearing face masks in stores contain super harsh ingredients like glycol acid, which are not only super expensive, but can break down skin – causing it to weaken over time and experience excessive holiness, redness and dehydration (source).

DIY to save BIG!


If those toxic chemicals weren’t enough to convince you to make your own, consider the AMAZING SAVINGS you’ll find when you DIY!  A DIY made face mask can cost you as little as $0.25 per mask – AMAZING!  Ready to dive in?  Let’s get started:


DIY Activated Charcoal Face Mask Instructions

    1. In a small glass bowl add the water and essential oil.
    2. Sprinkle the bentonite clay over the top of the water mixture in the bow. Allow it to absorb for about 10 seconds before adding the rest of the ingredients. This makes the mixture easier to combine.
    3. Use a small rubber spatula to mash and mix everything together. The clay will want to stay lumpy, so this takes a few minutes to mix thoroughly. You’ll have enough mixture here for two face masks.
    4. Once your mask is mixed, apply it liberally to your face. Allow it to dry, about 10 minutes, before washing off with soap and warm water.

    Note: This mask is meant to be used in one use and will not store well, as it does not contain preservatives.

Note:  This mask is meant to be used in one sitting, and will not store well since it does not contain preservatives.

Second Note!  Be careful not to leave this mask on for too long, as the charcoal can actually temporarily stain your skin black.  We recommend about 10 minutes.  However – If  you do run into this problem, simply apply alcohol free witch hazel to a cotton pad and swipe it over your skin until all residue of the mask is removed. It may take a few cotton pads, but rest assured, it will all come off 🙂

DIY Activated Charcoal Face Mask Ingredients

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