Organic Rosehip Oil – 1oz


Essential Living’s USDA Certified Organic Rosehip oil is one of our favorite products because it’s a ready-to-use oil!  Straight from the bottle, this oil can be applied to your skin and hair with no harsh smells, and no extra carrier oils to use that might dilute or adulterate the quality of the rose hip oil. Our pure, cold-pressed oil is a beautiful golden color, a sure sign of the level of quality oil we have created.

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  • 100% PURE – ONE INGREDIENT ONLY – All natural and organic Rosehip Oil, nothing added or taken away. Non-GMO, no parabens, no fillers or additives. Use as a daily evening nighttime moisturizing cream to rejuvenate, reduce redness, and heal facial damage on a cellular level with natural fatty acids, vitamins, retinol and lycopene.
  • COSMETIC GRADE: Rose hip oil is a perfect skin care product that is great for lips, cuticles, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, acne and dry skin. Soaks in quickly for a powerful wrinkle reducer and toner. Use as a makeup remover to diminish the appearance of fine lines and improve skin elasticity.
  • SAFE: Every bottle is sealed with a Child-Proof cap

Rosehip Oil is an oil extracted from the seed of a wild rose bush found in the Southern Andes.  Our Rosehip oil at Essential Living is extracted through a cold press process, separating the oil from the seeds.  Because it is cold-pressed, it retains all those vital nutrients.  It’s a superpower in the oils world, a multivitamin oil that has numerous health and beauty uses.  Thanks to this oil’s antioxidants and vitamins A (retinol) and C, as well as linolenic acids, it’s ranked as one of the best oils for skin and hair.

The quality of Rosehip oil is obvious based on color.  Many are translucent or foggy.  Our pure, cold-pressed oil is a beautiful golden color, a sure sign of the level of quality oil we have created.

Rosehip oil is one of our favorite products because it’s a ready-to-use oil!  Straight from the bottle, this oil can be applied to your skin and hair.  No harsh smells, no carrier oils necessary.  We like to use it for our hair to make strands stronger and shinier.  It’s awesome for skin treatments, for those suffering from eczema and psoriasis.  It can clear up acne and blemishes as well as fill in wrinkles and crows feet.

Extremely high in fatty acids, Rosehip oil has the power to promote cell turnover, which plumps the skin and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  These fatty acids also help to reduce the appearance of scars, skin burns, and stretch marks.

Due to it’s high content of Vitamin A, or retinol, Rosehip oil is second to none for correcting UV damage from the sun.  It has the power to even your skin tone, giving your complexion a younger, more consistent color.  This oil evens the skin tone, not only from sun spots, but also age spots and hyper-pigmentation.

Just as Rosehip oil provides many benefits to your skin, we love to use it on our hair.  It adds vitamins back to your strands, root to tip, giving your hair a beautiful shine and preventing breakage by strengthening the strands.


Rosehip Oil for Skin

Rosehip oil is an amazing oil because it’s a ready-to-use oil right out of the bottle!

For makeup removal:  Apply a few drops of Rosehip oil to a cotton round and wipe make up off.

For applications to complexion, skin, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and sun spots:

Put 3-4 drops in your hand, rub together and gently massage onto clean skin.  This can be applied 1-2 times daily.

Rosehip Hot Oil Treatment

This hot oil hair treatment can be performed 1-2 times per week for stronger, healthier hair.

  • Pour Rosehip oil into a microwave safe bowl or in a double boiler
  • Try to get an amount similar to the amount of shampoo or conditioner you use, based on your hair’s length and thickness
  • Warm oil, and massage it into your hair
  • Wait about 30 minutes, then shampoo as normal

Acne and Blemish Treatment

This acne treatment is effective thanks to the oil’s antibacterial properties.  Along with jojoba oil, it removes dirt, oil, makeup, and environmental pollutants from your pores.


  • 2 TB rosehip oil
  • 2 TB jojoba oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil

Store in a small bottle and shake before each use.  Apply 3-4 drops to skin every evening.



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